STYLE GURU BIO: Camila Davalos

May 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

I hope your exams went well and you are on your way to an incredible summer vacation! First I want to introduce myself. My name is Camila Davalos, and I am from Monterrey, Mexico. I studied for a year in Scotland and then I came back to Mexico for a year. In September, I will be going back to Scotland to continue my studies. I will be enrolling in the University of St. Andrews, and I’ll be studying Business Management. I am really excited to go back and travel around Europe during my time studying abroad.

This is actually my second time doing an internship with CollegeFashionista. I loved the experience, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in fashion. I had the opportunity to learn a lot about fashion by researching for my articles and also by receiving feedback from the wonderful CollegeFashionista team. This summer I will be posting different articles about trends that I see around town or during vacations. I’m really excited to share that with you.

For the first post for the summer internship I decided to apply a fun trend I have been noticing all around. I’m talking about the nautical trend. To find a little inspiration for this look, I decided to look at Lisa Marie Fernandez’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection. She had a very fun take on this trend, and she also focused on swimwear. I loved her whole collection, but there was one specific look that had my attention the most. It was a blue and white swimsuit with ruffles. The top was an off the shoulders piece that created a very flowy and relaxed look.

For my own outfit, I decided to keep the relaxed vibe of the look. Unfortunately, I’m not going to the beach until a few weeks from now, so I decided to go for a look more suitable for the city. I wanted to stay in the signature colors of the trend, so my color palette consisted in blue, red, white and black. I picked a blue pleated skater skirt and a white lace top for the main pieces of my outfit. I loved the skater skirt silhouette! I find it very modern, chic and perfect for Mexico’s hot weather. I also wore blue pumps, a red Michael Kors tote handbag and a black and white striped headwrap. I loved the headwrap because it incorporates the stripes on the outfit, which is a very dominant characteristic of the trend. Finally, to complete the look I added a pair of light blue gradient aviator Ray-Ban sunglasses. This was a perfect way to start my summer break and celebrate the end of exams.

Thank you all for reading my first post for this summer internship. I appreciate your support, and I hope you like my articles.