STYLE GURU BIO: Cameron Dunne

Hello! My name is Cameron, and I am thrilled to start my very first semester with CollegeFashionista. I have always had a keen eye for design and fashion, but never actually wrote about it. So I am excited to start writing about something that I am passionate about!

I will be entering my senior year at Hamilton College in the fall, where I am a Mathematics Major with a double minor in Philosophy and Economics. My permanent address is just outside NYC. Thus, for this summer, I will be spending a lot of time in the city, especially since I will be taking a few classes at New York University and will be working as a Stylist in a retail store in New York City.

My personal style, I would say, is edgy and minimalist with a preppy flair. However, it does vary depending on my particular mood. I will have to admit that I have more shoes, jeans and jackets/coats than any woman needs. But hey, isn’t that why I am here? Unfortunately, you will be seeing very little of my jeans and coat collections due to the summer heat here in NYC.

As for my outfit, I chose a neutral color palette with one statement piece. Darker colors should be worn on the bottom, hence I chose a light brown high-waisted denim pants and a white crop top. The camel toned sleeveless trench is a perfect summer piece; it is light and the lack of sleeves is pertinent when dealing with summer weather. The beige sandal heels complete the overall look. Sandals are typically worn in the spring or summer, and so, by including sandals, I am able to successfully portray a summer time look. The orange cross-body bag adds a pop of color, which nicely contrasts the neutral colors of the rest of the outfit. As far as accessories go, I went very minimalistic. The bracelet that I am wearing is a thin, delicate gold open cuff, which nicely complements the orange and light brown tones in the rest of the outfit.

As you could tell, I love to leave the house dressed up! It boosts my confidence and attitude for the rest of the day.

Thanks for reading and look out for future articles every Thursday, by yours truly!