STYLE GURU BIO: Caitlyn Bilow

January 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

Greetings Fashionista/os! My name is Caitlyn Bilow and I am  beyond excited to be a part of this amazing team for another semester! I cannot wait to start sharing fabulous fashion for fabulous people for the rest of the school year! Growing up in a quaint farming community in central Illinois, I have turned to all things blog, social media and magazine related for outfit inspiration. This part of me makes me even more thrilled to now be the one inspiring others! Last semester, I ditched the cornfields for skyscrapers and began my freshman year at DePaul University in Chicago! Majoring in communications and media, I hope to incorporate what I learn in class to this opportunity to be a part of CollegeFashionista.

Although fashion, photography and writing are some of my greatest passions, my first love is for travel! Aside from mass media, I can fully attest that the places I’ve visited have influenced my fashion. On the daily, I’ll transition from laid back Cali girl, to a southern prep, to rocker city chic. In one phrase, I’d like to describe my style as “indie vibes and a vintage aesthetic.” I cannot wait to keep eyeing killer fashion and pulling inspiration for myself from the amazing city of Chicago and the uber hip students at DePaul University!

Although cheesy, I am a firm believer in the idea that fashion can be bought by anyone, but style is something only a certain few possess. Anyone can score the latest trends, but it takes a real Fashionista/o to rock it. I think it is so necessary that people wear clothes and don’t let clothes wear them. Too many times have I branched out into a crazy realm of fashion and felt insanely uncomfortable and awkward. Learning from those feelings, I have developed my personal style to only encompass pieces of clothing that make me feel confident. No matter what you put on, if you love it, wear it! I’d like to think of the world of fashion as a pretty forgiving place. Joan Rivers is no longer policing the real world (R.I.P.) and there is always another day for a do-over. Besides, the fashion universe is always changing, thus it is a continuous learning process. It’s natural to have a couple mess ups and laugh out loud moments along the way. During these times, I put my Elle Woods pink-bunny-suit-outfit-at-a-non-costume-party face on and roll. That internal feeling you get when your outfit is on point will turn that initial fear into an immediate mood boost. If you really love a single piece or an entire outfit, forget the rules! This whole attitude of mine translates to CollegeFashionista in a sense that I am drawn to outfits worn with confidence. I’m hoping my feed throughout this journey will exuding a completely self-loving vibe and get my readers excited to try something new!