STYLE GURU BIO: Cailey Fitzgerald

Hello all! My name is Cailey Fitzgerald. I love shoes, cheese and endless amounts of magazines. I will be a junior at Marquette University in the fall. I am studying Public Relations and Advertising. I hope to one day have a career in the fashion and  entertainment realm of PR. I could not be more excited to have the opportunity to be second-time writer for CollegeFashionista this summer! Being a Style Guru in the spring semester has expanded my knowledge in fashion and improved my writing immensely and I am so excited to continue the next few months.

The best thing about fashion, I believe, is that it means something different to everyone. Style allows people to personalize their life experiences and express them through clothing. “Conformity is the only real fashion crime,” Simon Doonan once said. I live his words 100 percent; if you like something, wear it. Never subdue your creativity. Let your style shine loud and be proud. My challenge to you is dare to be different. I cannot put my finger on the exact moment when I fell in love with fashion, but ever since I was younger I would read loads of magazines, cut out all the beautiful pictures of clothing and tape them into a notebook. In a sense, this began my real life Pinterest board (I guess I was ahead of my time).

Although I have only been to New York City once, it made such an impact on my life, outlook on fashion and my overall personal style. I would say my style reflects NYC or any city street style. My style in one word would be edgy. Neutral colors and mostly black fill up my closet and allow me to create an abundance of outfits by pairing new pieces regularly. Lately, I am obsessing over layering necklaces (the occasional choker necklace), sneakers, distressed jeans (especially boyfriend jeans), oversized hats and body suits. Basically, if Topshop could be my home, I wouldn’t protest. The summer not only brings favorable weather to the Midwest, but it also brings on a new wardrobe that does not include a parka.

I am looking forward to exploring the fashion of Marquette’s campus and giving you a range of styles each week. My eyes will be open for 2015’s summer trends, and I will deliver it back to you, so make sure to look for my articles each Monday!

I cannot wait to see what Wisconsin Avenue has in store for us this summer!