STYLE GURU BIO: Brittany Jego

Hi everyone! My name is Brittany Jego, and I’m a freshman at Virginia Commonwealth University majoring in Fashion Merchandising. I’m so excited to be a Style Guru for the first time this semester.

I love VCU because of its diversity. After growing up in a small town in southwest Virginia for 14 years, I was ready for a change of scenery. I’ve always wanted to live in an urban environment, and I couldn’t have picked a better city to live in after high school than Richmond. Living in a place with so much diversity has more energy and creativity. Not a day has gone by that I haven’t found something new that interests me. My campus is full of art, whether it’s painted on buildings, hung up on walls or worn by students, and it is something that I am so happy to be surrounded with.

I’ve always had a love for fashion but pursuing a career in it has not always been my vision. Throughout high school, I was constantly changing my mind about what I wanted to study in college and I could never make my mind up. It wasn’t until I visited VCU for the first time that I decided I was in love with the school and definitely wanted to be a part of their fashion program. I realized that I wanted to spend my time doing something that I am passionate for. Fashion is one of the most influential art forms in our society and I can’t wait to contribute to the industry in the future.

VCU has inspired my fashion sense to grow and I am so thrilled to share with you guys the fabulous and diverse student styles this semester!