May 30th, 2016 at 2:10am

If you were to ask me what show or movie you should watch or what line a character had in a certain scene, odds are it wouldn’t take me as long as solving a math problem to tell you. This, ladies and gentlemen, would be an easy task, mostly because I have an unhealthy relationship with movies and shows, and it’s a love I can’t seem to let go of. However, when I’m asked to write about myself I always seem to have an existential crisis and have to wonder what cool things I can say about myself only to lead to the conclusion that there aren’t that many—except for the fact that I can drink more than five milkshakes in a week and not die from it. Is this considered a cool fact?

Anywho, my name is Brisa Gomez, and I’m an advertising student at Florida International University. This will be my sixth semester as a Style Guru and my second as an editor—anyone feel free to send me a box of donuts as a form of celebration. A few things about myself is that I can’t wear any type of heel unless I want lose one of my legs, I enjoy the art of eating and I find myself relating too much to the main character of the show New Girl. I’ve also come realize that my closet consists of mostly sweaters and jackets even though I live in Miami, where cold weather is nonexistent. So I guess you can say that’s pretty ironic.

As for my style, I always seem to feel very confused about it and feel the need to transform myself like every other day. It’s always hard to tell others what I would call the way I dress because I truly don’t know. Some days I want to look like Bella Hadid but then realize I’m not a supermodel so that’s out the window, and then there are days where I want to channel my inner Twiggy. So, in other words, anything can happen when I try things on and experiment. The beauty with fashion is the ability to evolve and transform ourselves whenever we choose to!

I’m really excited to see what new and cool styles I’ll capture this summer and what other Style Gurus around the globe will too. Here’s to a RAD semester!