Your personal style is your opportunity to be who you want to be. No one can tell you what to wear or how to wear it. It’s completely up to you! That’s the beauty of having your own style. The way you dress and the way you carry yourself is how others are going to perceive you. If you want anyone to know anything about you, your style can say it all. As a communications major, it’s important to me that my style reflects who I am while I’m interacting with other people.

For my own personal style, I want to showcase my confidence. When I’m getting ready in the morning and putting my outfit together for the day, I have to look and feel confident. I know that if I look this way, then I will be able to get that message across to others. Sometimes it only takes that one extra piece to pull the whole look together and then you’re ready to go. For example, a layered necklace really helped bring this look together! I also paired this look with pointed toe flats which can take any look up a notch. One of my favorite style icons is Steven Madden and I am carrying one of his bags. Make sure that when you’re putting an outfit together, that you can own it. It needs to be not only something you’re comfortable in but something you can strut. The world is your runway.

One of the best feelings is being complimented on your outfit. I believe that if you feel good and you are exuding that confidence, others will take notice. It’s also reassuring knowing that something you think looks good is appreciated by others. I’m excited to be a Style Guru this summer specifically for the reason that I will be able to spot Fashionistas and share the love of style with them! I will be picking out Fashionistas who stand out, look confident and are ready for anything. I’m ready for a #RAD Summer!