Hi guys! My name is Bri Stemper and I have just finished my sophomore year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I intend to major in Journalism and Strategic Communications. This will be my first ever semester as a CollegeFashionista Style Guru, and I could not be more excited! I would consider myself a fashion and beauty enthusiast. I spend more time than I’d like to admit reading fashion, fitness and beauty blogs and scrolling through my Instagram feed. So to finally be writing and sharing my inspiration and appreciation for fashion is a dream come true. When I’m not online shopping, some of my other favorites things include playing with my puppy, hanging out with friends and spending time out on the lake.

I was born and raised in a small Wisconsin town, where I grew up with a love for all things fashion-related. That being said, fashion is a huge part of my life and I hope it continues to be throughout the rest of my career, which is, ideally, an editor of a world-renowned fashion magazine (a girl can dream).

As I have matured, thankfully, my style has changed tremendously (shoutout to my tomboy stage circa ’03; you will not be missed). However, my personal style has always been something that allows me to express myself and gives me confidence. I would consider my personal style classic and minimalistic. I love going for a simple, effortless look, while making sure to include my own playful twist as well. I get my style inspiration from all over, but one of the greatest things about college is the style inspiration everywhere around you. Madison is one of the greatest college towns in the U.S. Its diverse community of characters is the perfect place to find style inspiration!

I have an exciting summer ahead and I can’t wait to share my inspiration and appreciation for apparel over the next few months with you. Head over to my page at the beginning of each month to check out the incredible inspiration I find on campus!