STYLE GURU BIO: Brenna Yeager

January 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hey dolls! My name is Brenna Yeager, but you can call me Brdy. Before you jump to conclusions, Brdy stands for my initials, not an extreme interest in birds. I am a well-weathered Oregonian studying Merchandise Management and New Media Communications at Oregon State University. This is my first term as a Style Guru and I am more than excited to share my fashion tips and tricks with y’all.

For the past five years, I have been a fashion consultant for Christella’s—a prom dress store located in the industrial side of Portland. Through my years of being up to my eyeballs in tulle and crystals, I found a love for this industry and I watched it flourish.  I am from a small town called Washougal, but I refer to Portland as my domain. In the midst of dirt bikes and dive bars, which Washougal has so kindly granted me, I found myself swooning towards the boho, yet trendy vibes of Portland.

It is no secret that Portland is known for its “hipster” lifestyle, and I love incorporating that into my outfits; the best way to do that is mixing the new and the old. In my featured outfit, I have used both vintage and new pieces. I picked up this trendy faux suede mini skirt from a Goodwill in Downtown Portland, and my vintage earrings are my mother’s from the ’80s. With the old, comes an even better new. My chunky nude color block heels are designed by Steve Madden, and my faux fur vest is from American Eagle Outfitters. As I always say, never be afraid to try something old.

My trick for fashion is also my motto for food trucks—never be afraid to try something new. Mix and match patterns, colors and styles until you find what best suits you and your personality. I am inspired by the changing environment around me, and my style changes just as quickly. Throughout my entire life, I have been searching for a creative outlet, whether that be through cheerleading, dancing, photography or fashion. I have come to find-out that fashion entails you to be creative with whom you want to be. Find pieces that make you feel the confidence of a Victoria’s Secret angel, and roll with it.

I cannot wait to share my fav trends on campus, stay tuned for my next article.