STYLE GURU BIO: Brenna Yeager

Howdy, Fashionistas!

My name is Brenna Ruth Diane Yeager. I am a well-weathered Oregonian who still wears skirts when it’s 50 degrees out, always orders her coffee iced and enjoys long naps. I am a Junior studying merchandise management at Oregon State University, and I am loving every second of it. This is my second term as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista (yay!), and I can’t wait for all the adventures to share with you guys.

My love for fashion has been growing ever since I was a wee child. I have gone from obsessing over which tutu to wear, to obsessing over infamous designers such as Dolce&Gabbana. I have taken my passion for design and expressed it through photography, writing, fashion, drawing, and basically anything I can get my hands on.

If I had to summarize fashion in the Northwest, I would say it is just like the weather—unpredictable and always changing. A Fashionista in the Northwest always has to be prepared for the unexpected; Murphy’s law applies to fashion, too! You never know when a rainstorm or a sudden burst of heat might pull through.

In this look, I incorporated warmer pieces to prepare for the sometimes gloomy weather,  but created an overall “summer” look. A long sleeve leotard gives a little more coverage, and the off-the-shoulder look couldn’t be any hotter this season. Adding a splash of print takes this outfit to a whole new level of sass. A double-slit maxi skirt can be accessorized simply with silver or gold jewelry. Hats have become a staple item for literally every single season, and I finished off my outfit with a black wide-rimmed hat with silver detailing.

No matter the occasion and no matter the weather, always put your best pair of shoes forward. Staying true to your fashion sense is always important; and never let something as silly as the weather, change you from expressing yourself through style!