STYLE GURU BIO: Brenna Hemmings

May 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hi my name is Brenna Hemmings! I’m a sophomore at State University of New York at New Paltz. This summer, I am working as a member of the Orientation Staff at my college. My position is the Honors Program Liaison and I am tasked with recruiting students to the Honors Program, helping the accepted students with their Honors needs and serving as the main go-between for any Honors Program questions. I’m a double major in History and Sociology, but I might add a minor or two. Next semester, I’ll be a Senator in my school’s Student Association.

Some background information on me: I’m an only child and I live in the Bronx with my parents. Until coming to college, I had to wear a uniform for all my school life! Freedom of expression is something near and dear to me because I believe that it’s how people can enjoy life and communicate with others. My style is constantly changing and evolving, but for now, I would describe my style as functionally feminine. I’m short, so I tend to gravitate towards shorter dresses and skirts because I don’t want to be drowning or tripping in my clothes. I do own a few maxi dresses, though, and I’m definitely open to buying more. Since the weather is heating up, I’ve mostly settled on high-waisted mini skirts paired with a cami or baby T-shirt, lightweight floral-printed dresses and sandals. For a while after I had my haircut, I used headbands as additional accessories to my wardrobe. Now that I’m more comfortable with my hair, I usually forgo the headbands and just take an Afro pick to my hair to make it as big as possible.

My obsession as of late has been high-waisted jeggings. I bought my first pair from American Eagle Outfitters and haven’t looked back! During the winter, my main outfit consisted of a circle scarf over a camisole, a cardigan, boots and high-waisted jeggings.I own about 15 to 20 cardigans, maybe 10 circle scarves and seven pairs of high heels. My favorite jewelry combination is my big heart earrings and a simple gold-toned necklace that my mom got me.

Magazines and trendy articles can only give but so much advice; to me, fashion is the physical representation of what’s internal. I’m looking forward to being a Style Guru because I want to see how my style changes during the summer, develop a reciprocal relationship with fashion and share my fashion with others. I find that fashion is something subjective that holds different meanings for everyone. For example, my friend Dana loves Converse sneakers while I’m more of a Keds person.

I’m really looking forward to this blog and the summer so stay tuned!