STYLE GURU BIO: Brenda Heredia

Hi there, my name is Brenda and welcome to my very first Style Guru Bio! I decided to become a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista because I wanted to really build my style confidence and truly live out the bold Fashionista within me. During my freshman year of college, I had an identity crisis and felt out of touch with myself. Then I realized it was because I had strayed away from my love for fashion. Fashion is an art form and I love seeing how everyday people I meet paint their personal canvases.

I am from New York, where exceptional style can be found everywhere. As for the question I never know how to answer: “How would I describe my personal style?” For the most part, I think I have a classic girly style. Also, I am from the Bronx, which definitely influences my fashion taste. My mood is constantly changing so it is important for me to find essential style pieces that can be versatile with during the busy school week.

Aside from fashion, I am a massive foodie. I’m always on a mission to try out new restaurants throughout my city even though my bank account isn’t too fond of my food excursions at times. I also love sports, as a diehard Yankees and Giants fan. My Yankee fitted hat is a go-to on my lazy days. During my online shopping sessions, you can hear Beyoncé and Coldplay streaming through my headphones.

I am about to start my sophomore year at St. John’s University in New York. I am a marketing major with a public relations minor. Just like many of my fellow Style Gurus, I hope to make a name for myself in the fashion industry one day. I have been in love with fashion before I could even remember. Growing up, I’ve always been known to be a bit of the Fashionista among my friends and I am starting to come to the conclusion that fashion was my first love.

I am eager for the rad semester ahead and hope to learn a lot from my first semester as a Style Guru. Come with me on my new style journey Fashionistas/os!