STYLE GURU BIO: Bree Whitelock

May 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello, CollegeFashionista readers! I’m a junior Public Relations major at Messiah College with a passion for fashion, but more notably a love for writing about the enriching styles that have captured my attention. As a first time intern for the site, I am eager to see what varying types of summer styles I can spot and share with you!

Coming from a family of six kids, I grew up understanding the notion of finding my own personal identity and finding a way to set myself apart. I later saw myself reflecting this in the way I presented myself around friends, especially at school. To put it simply, school became my runway. My mom’s fashion sense taught me a thing or two. I didn’t have to wear what everyone else was wearing to be appreciated or accepted. I started wearing unique clothing pieces, ones that set me apart from the classic trends of my youth and finding confidence in who I truly was.

I now love sharing wardrobes with my mom and sister, mixing and matching and always finding new combinations on old favorites. I had never initially considered fashion as a career path, yet more of an enjoyment factor in my life. More recently, though, I’ve realized that where there’s a passion, there’s a path. I’ve decided to follow that road to see where it could take me.

I find it hard to describe my particular style as it shifts with the plans of the day, my mood and the weather. As shown here, I sometimes prefer a more colorful, playful look exemplified with a convertible halter top and accentuated with a pair of sandals. On the other hand, I can sometimes be found sporting a more rugged look, preferably in Birkenstocks, as I’m never more content then when I’m outdoors.

I hope this helps to provide the slightest bit of insight into the workings my closet!