STYLE GURU BIO: Brandy Bryant

January 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

Classy and fabulous. Two words Coco Chanel once said every girl should be. This saying is not just words to me, but a way to help me make my style speak for itself.

My life revolves around the three G’s: glamor, glitter and Gucci. Keeping up with the latest trends I combine each of these adjectives into my style each and every day. If not researching the newest fashion trends while working full time as a sales associate at Nordstrom, you can find me playing around with my current wardrobe piecing together new outfits.

Trying on my sister’s shoes or putting on my mom’s lipstick, I was and forever will be that little girl that played dress up. As I grew older and began buying my own heels and putting on my own make up, my goal was to transform my dress up days into a classier way, letting my inner child shine through.

Inspired from notable fashion gods like Betsey Johnson and Marilyn Monroe, there will never be a moment that I will underdress.

Growing up in Seattle, my style evolved through viewing clothes in magazines and when walking through the city and viewing art come alive through the stylization of the buildings around. Style comes not just from the clothes but from the individuals that wear them. To be confident in what you wear is to not only tailor the attire but your mind. It is important to feel proud of what you wear.

Stay tuned every Tuesday to learn about the fashion trends hitting the streets at Washington State University and to figure out how to add some flavor to your get ups. My goal of this blog is to throw away some of the unwanted trends of 2014 and bring to my fellow fashion stars some new ideas on what to wear for the new season. Let us make our own statements starting with the style coming from Washington.