January 5th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello fellow Fashionistas/os! My name is Bex, and this is my third semester writing for CollegeFashionista. I am a second-year student at Northeastern University in Boston, but will be interning in New York City this semester. I am so excited to find some totally rad New York City street style.

I am starting to realize that my style is influenced by quite the array of people, places and things. I grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and have been surrounded by southern style my entire life. My mother’s closet consists of pastels and sophisticated prints. Although I gravitate towards leather and sequins, I have always admired the classy, ladylike, Jackie Kennedy Onassis-inspired look. I hardly ever wear colorful outfits, but I am definitely not afraid of adding a pop of color to my typically all-black ensembles. For my first semester of college, I studied in Australia, which also had a great influence on my wardrobe. The sandy beaches and slow pace of life really brought out my inner bohemian. Being in Boston for the past year has had the opposite affect and has altered my look once again to the all-black city slicker.

My current personal style involves a weird combination of pieces and trends. My style is changing all the time, but I often think of it similar to my identity. We grow up with a certain set of morals and values, but as you have more experiences and meet different people, your ideas might change based on a new perspective. Although my style might be a strange assortment of pieces, they are influenced from different people and places and make me who I am.

I hope I find some amazing fashion in New York City this semester to share with y’all! How could I not?