Greetings my extraterrestrial babes and fashion enthusiasts! My name is Betty Lin and I currently stand at a tall 5’1”. I am a spunky, rising junior majoring in accounting at Baruch College and this will be my first semester interning with CollegeFashionista! From being an avid follower of CollegeFashionista’s content, to becoming a style guru now, I’m more than ecstatic about this opportunity. Aside from the great opportunities that CollegeFashionista has to offer, I’d say I’m most thrilled to be working amongst people who share my passion for fashion and have an undying love for creativity.

As said by Boris Johnson, “Fashion is a beautiful and wonderful thing”, that holds a dear place in my heart for a multitude of reasons. During my awkward middle school years, fashion was my armor and gave me the confidence that I so dearly needed. Upon the many years that have passed, my personal style has also evidently evolved. Being a multifaceted person (or so i’d like to think), my style is a direct representation of that. There’s no one specific look that I gear towards, though I do love being comfortable a majority of my time (because who doesn’t?). But if comfort must be sacrificed for the sake of fashion, it will be done.

As the last moments of summer draw to a close, it also means making the transition back to student life and tending to your academic responsibilities. Don’t look too glum over the thought as it doesn’t necessarily mean that the fun has to end—after all, Plato did say, “Work hard, party harder” or something along those lines. My resolution with the approaching semester includes embracing change wholeheartedly and looking towards the positive side of things (of course, all while looking fashionably stunning). As a rising junior this semester, it’s become more evident that there isn’t all that much time left before I graduate. However, instead of stressing out about my almost quarter life/existential crisis of, “Am I making the most of my time/life?” I choose to satiate my curious mind and to invest my energy into self growth/love. I vow to actively take initiative with my life and to steer myself towards success.

Although this is only the beginning of my journey as a Style Guru, I’d like to close this first post off with the words, thank you. Thank you for accompanying me throughout this semester and brace yourselves, because my sassy self is taking over in full force!