January 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hey there fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos! My name is Becky Hong and I am a senior at Stony Brook University and I major in Women’s Studies. This spring would make it my second and last semester as a Style Guru. Even though I will be graduating shortly, I can only look back at my memories with CollegeFashionista with a cheerful smile. I’ve met so many kind and beautiful people as I’m writing these articles and I’m glad to report different styles worn by diverse personalities.

To me, fashion is more than fascination of gorgeous textiles sewed and altered by wonderful designer powerhouses like Alexander McQueen or Phillip Lim. When walking through SoHo boutiques, I glare in the magnificent window displays and am immediately enchanted by the mannequins adorned in stylish outfits. I am in awe by how the tones of flowers match with the walls, I am excited to feel the fabrics that make a woman feel beautiful. Not only do the store layout make a difference, it’s the respect I have for the craft makers and the team that crafted clothes like the sequin dress I wore for New Years.

Although my personal style has evolved greatly over the years, I must say that what has not altered is my desire to always have an original, identifiable look. I am always on the search for the structured coat or the embellished top that makes everyone turn his or her head and think, “Woah. Who is that?” My wardrobe is a reflection of my personality and I value simplicity as well as sparkle and pizzazz.

For your weekly fashion and lifestyle fix, be sure to check back with me every Friday. My CollegeFashionista experience inspires me to be a creative force and I hope my articles give you the same energy. Stay tuned for a range on unique outfits!