STYLE GURU BIO: Baylie Sheppard

Hi everyone! My name is Baylie Sheppard, and I am so excited to join the Style Guru team and begin my first semester writing for CollegeFashionista. Currently, I am a junior at Allegheny College majoring in Environmental Studies and Communications. Post-graduation, I hope to find myself working for an eco-friendly, sustainable clothing brand.

Outside of the classroom, you can find me in the yoga studio doing inversions or the art studio painting for my personal Etsy shop. Yoga is a practice that allows people to become more aware of their mind and body, while painting is more of an expressive act. For me, fashion is a combination of both; our bodies are our canvases while our mood dictates what we wear and what we are trying to express to those around us without using words. With that in mind, my personal style varies from day to day, anywhere from ’60s mod to boho-chic.

Allegheny College offers a unique place to expand and further develop your personal style, not only because of the students but because of the location as well.  The closest cities to Meadville, Pennsylvania are roughly two hours away so there is no direct fashion influence from the cities. At the same time, Allegheny has students from all over the country and world as well. With this in mind, it serves as a fashion melting pot, drawing from trends that vary from coast to coast and differing cultural trends from the international students.

Check back with me every Tuesday for some quick fashion insights. Get inspired and express yourself!