STYLE GURU BIO: Bailey Russell

Another semester, another STYLE GURU BIO. Yet somehow every bio is diverse, containing different plans, different outfits and different details. That’s basically the epitome of my life. About a year ago I was the one who needed plans for a lifetime, now somehow I barely have any plans for myself.

Recently, I ended what seemed to be the most dreadful, most awful year of school yet. Moving away from home, not having a clue as to what I wanted to study, overloading myself in courses, etc. Somehow, with all of this negativity in my life I started to figure out just who Bailey Russell is. My style evolved, both in fashion and writing, and my love for CollegeFashionista continued to grow.

Being a Style Guru at Illinois State for an entire year is hard to believe. I swear I was just anxiously waiting for a response from the CollegeFashionista Team, thinking nonstop about if I was going to be accepted to be a Style Guru or if I was lacking experience. Now, my mini portfolio of articles is developing; even though I wish I could go back and delete my first few outfits…those sure are shameful.

It’s now summer of sophomore year and I’m clueless on a major, thinking about Public Relations, debating on transferring, kind of going through various phases between music and fashion, from leather skirts and rap music to T-shirt dresses and Taylor Swift. Can you really grow if you aren’t open-minded and willing to seek out new things?

Through all of these phases I’ve decided to stick with CollegeFashionista, though. The many opportunities from podcasts to sweepstakes to conversing with other Style Gurus—it’s something I couldn’t give up.

I’ve also always gone back to the style that seems most fitting for myself – natural, comfortable and a somewhat vintage vibe. I haven’t lost the love for heeled booties or flowy dresses and I felt that a “phase-outfit” just wouldn’t make the cut for my fourth STYLE GURU BIO.

So, here’s another STYLE GURU BIO, another semester with CollegeFashionista and another few months of growth!

Can’t wait for you all to experience this summer as a Style Guru with me!