Hello fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos, and welcome to my space! My name is Bailey Ann King and I am entering my senior year at Temple University, where I major in Communications, minor in Public Health and will graduate with a certificate in Tourism and Hospitality Management. All of that and nothing fashion-oriented, you ask? I know, but fashion is a large part of my personal life and a lady never mixes business with pleasure (or so I’m told). After a year or two of Style Guru’s periodically stopping me on campus, I decided to join the team myself and couldn’t be more psyched to write my first article introducing myself and my style.

I fancy myself a pretty funky chick (not as funky as Leandra Medine, but she is my muse so maybe I’ll get there some day) and to me, fashion is a major form of self expression. Picking my outfit for the next day is a crucial component of my night time routine. I wouldn’t consider myself a clothes-a-holic, but I do pride myself in having great pieces that are versatile enough to go with most other things in my closet- creating new and exciting outfits nearly every day. I have certain needs to which I must cater an outfit to because I live my life on the go most days—I must be able to bike in it safely (I’ve gotten many a kimono stuck in my back wheel) and it must be appropriate and comfortable enough for working as a bartender, all without sacrificing my personal style.

I would describe my style as an eclectic mix of funky/hippy/bohemian and middle-aged chic with a vintage spirit. Weird combination, right? Well, I have a tendency to dress a little older than my age, sometimes resulting in a ’90s kindergarten teacher aesthetic. But my favorite article of clothing is, hands down, flare jeans. I’m happiest in my flare jeans, a simple shirt and birkenstocks with perhaps a long statement necklace thrown in for good measure. Today you’re seeing a version of this featuring one of my favorite pairs of high-waisted flare jeans over a plunging neckline romper and a great pair of open-toed mules. I accessorized this look with vintage jewelry I have accumulated over the years: the belt, bracelet, earrings and rings have all been passed along to me from my very generous grandmothers, which help bring together this easy warm weather look.

To quote Oscar Wilde, “One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art” and it is my goal to capture Fashionista/os embodying this in Philadelphia.