Fashion is a craving of mine. It is a way of taking knowledge of colors and patterns, and using them to my own advantage, which results in that special word, individuality. It’s true we can’t all wear our own outfit and not expect anyone else to have it on, but it is the feeling of warmth, as if I’ve accomplished the entire day because that special outfit is complete. I find style in the simplest of things. This is evident when the homeless person has ripped pants on, or the grandmother wears a miniature scarf wrapped around her neck. Some of my friends would describe me as “way too observant.”

I am 18 years old, and studying fashion merchandising at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. I spend my days selling my old clothing on Vinted, a selling app which I have grown to adore. When I’m not doing that, one might catch me lurking the campus for guys and gals whose fashion sense is to die for. I am a human fashion analyst. I enjoy reading about the history of fashion, the trends and what makes it so interesting.

In the future, I plan on pursuing life as a buyer for a fashion company. I am a straightforward person. I strongly dislike sugarcoating the truth in my writing and especially when I have to explain to someone why the shoes simply don’t go. Surprisingly, my friends would still consider me the nicest person they know, because I say the truth with the sweetest tone known to man. I am your down-to-earth journalist. Ask me, I will tell it. As my mother would say, “Be the girl they run to for help in the long run, imagine what they will do in return in the future.”