STYLE GURU BIO: Averie Harris

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by. I am so very excited to be getting started with the CollegeFashionista Style Guru internship. I am currently attending Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan studying business and marketing which has really helped my move in the right direction as I have starting a fashion and beauty blog,, and have plans of starting my own fashion line in the future. Follow along with me this semester as I share some eye-catching street style Fashionistas/os around town!

I was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan, where I grew up in a loving home with my mom, dad, older brother and an unimaginable amount of pets. My mom has always been very passionate about sharing her Cuban traditions and culture within our home, so since day one, she spoke to my brother and I in Spanish, something I am very grateful for. Before my junior high school years, I would kick and scream if my mom ever tried to dress me in anything other than a T-shirt and jeans (so getting ready to go to mass on Sundays was a nightmare!!), but after turning 12, my tomboy stages faded, my fashion addiction had just begun.

I later learned to sew, thanks to my wonderful mother, and my passion for fashion and design grew even stronger. After high school, I moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan where I am currently attending Aquinas College for business and marketing and eventually pursuing additional fashion design courses to build my experience

I define my style as trendy but classic. I like to mix the latest trends with pieces that have been in my closet forever and never go out of style. You’ll usually find me in monochromatic tones and occasionally some dusty roses and powder blues. I add “color” to my outfits through my outgoing personality and the flare of the details I am showcasing for the day. I love adding interest with lace detailing, plunging neck lines, layers, fabulous shoes and statement accessories. Here, I am wearing this amazing plunging taupe V-neck jumpsuit with a classic white trench draped over the shoulders to add some class and some fabulous studded statement heels.

From designing my very own pieces, online shopping way too much and reading several inspiring blogs of ladies who have made it to where I want to be some day, I cannot wait to share my growth as a CollegeFashionista with you all this summer. Let’s make this semester a great one full of fashion, personal style and finding our purpose through our passion!