STYLE GURU BIO: Autumn Breeze

Hey babes!

My name is Autumn Breeze (yes, it really is) and I am currently a sophomore at Rend Lake College, pursuing an Associate of Arts degree in English. This is my first time with CollegeFashionista and I already feel right at home as a Style Guru intern. Working with the website is a pivotal opportunity for me to further spread my wings as a fashion journalist.

My personal style is honestly a mixed bag. One day I will be ultra-bohemian and the next I am super sporty. I usually categorize my style as minimalist-meets-bohemia-meets-French-meets-athletic. I told you it was all over! I get inspiration from brands like Vetements, Stella McCartney, Public School and Chloe. But my major inspirations come from the icons of the past. Jane Birkin, Brigette Bardot and Marianne Faithfull even James Dean and Elvis Presley all fill my mood boards and inspire my wardrobe. This outfit is a blend of basic, sport and vintage (with a hint of glamour in the shoes). The varsity bomber jacket is actually my mom’s from when she went to RLC. So not only does it rep my school, but it holds deep sentimental value. The layered necklaces are my absolute favorite accessories at the moment and really tap into my hippie side. I wear them everywhere. The studded heels really mix up the look. The nude and black color palette keeps them simple, yet the studs give the look a bit of an edge which is what fashion is all about, right?

When I am not writing about fashion, or talking about fashion, or thinking about fashion, I am painting, shooting with my beloved 35mm film camera, writing poetry as well as screenplays and soaking up TV shows and films. I am so excited to be a part of the CollegeFashionista family and cannot wait to share my style with all of you lovelies!