STYLE GURU BIO: Autumn Baker

Hey Fashionista/os! My name is Autumn and I’m excited and looking forward to my first semester with the CollegeFashionista team. I’m currently a second year Communications student minoring in Business at The University of Toledo in Ohio.

I’ll be lying to say that being in the fashion industry was my dream growing up; however, I was always inspired about different looks and how an outfit can reflect someone’s personality. That’s what started my dream in going into this industry. Growing up, I was an athlete who didn’t care what I looked liked to a girl that was trying so hard to be different. I was a mess. But, it became a time where I stopped caring what everyone thought and started dressing to who I felt like I was on the inside. When that happened, the fashion and beauty world became a place to express myself without the use of words. From then on, my style has progressed and simplified to the person that I am today.

The University of Toledo doesn’t have a fashion school or any fashion related major or courses but that doesn’t stop these Fashionistas/os from showing their unique styles. There is always a different style that is seen everyday that shows the variety of cultures the university has.

Fashion is the noun and style is the verb. Anybody can know fashion but it’s different to show a style. Style explains a person without using any words. When a Fashionista/o can wear an outfit and doesn’t have to explain why they wore it, well then that’s a person who knows fashion.