STYLE GURU BIO: Audrey O'Donnell

May 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello, world! My name is Audrey and I just finished my first year at Syracuse University. This first year at ‘Cuse has been challenging in many ways, as I have never been so far away from home before. Living on opposite ends of the country has me feeling as though I’m living two separate lives, as both coasts have very distinct cultural differences.

My coast of origin emotes calm and positive vibes, breeding a style that follows in that general direction of neutral colors and gold accents. My new, unfamiliar East Coast home suggests a harsher exterior, encouraging darker hues and more statement pieces.

As I am home for the summer, I have found myself blending the two coasts, and lately, my style has consisted of both light and dark colors, statement pieces and a pop of color somewhere within my outfit. This allows me to express myself, and allows me to be subtle with my wardrobe as well.

I would describe my own personal style as uncomplicated yet sassy, as I will be the first to throw on comfy sweats, but will just as quickly top that off with a funky sweater or scarf. I am always in the market for new jewelry, although my wallet does not agree.

The outfit I’m wearing here is a perfect example of the versatility within my style. My moto ripped jeans provide a perfect touch of edge to my outfit, paired with a thrifted camouflage top that I actually cut to fit me properly. I’m wearing an antique stone necklace to add a statement to my torso, and my lace-up heels are somewhat of a must in my wardrobe, as they are easy to walk in, perfect for warm summer days, and get dozens of compliments! To top my outfit off, I swipe some bright purple lipstick on, throw on my favorite shades and I’m ready to take on the world!

I’m looking forward to sharing my fashion findings with you all this summer! Until then, keep looking fabulous, Fashionistas!