STYLE GURU BIO: Athena Tigani

Hi there Fashionista/os! My name is Athena Tigani (yes like the goddess of wisdom) and I am a Fashion Merchandising junior at Georgia Southern University. Ever since I was young, I have been fascinated by fashion. I was known for stealing my mom’s vintage Chanel purse and claiming it as “mine.” Fast forward a few years, while unfortunately I still haven’t been able to covet that bag, I am pursuing a major I truly love at a great school.

Although I have expensive tastes and a small budget, I always grew up loving to make things my own and finding inexpensive things and making them look extremely luxurious. I am a huge bargain shopper, love thrifting and finding things that may have lost their way and need a new owner. Often times, people come up to me and ask where I purchased what I am wearing and telling them it was from the local Goodwill definitely gets some surprised faces.

With that being said, my passion has always been styling. I love dressing all my friends for various events and I get so excited when they find how even a simple top can change their mood and outlook on their body. I am a huge advocate for helping others see their true beauty and believe clothes can help show our different personalities. Styling allows me to use my personal taste and the clients to make a beautiful outfit for a great day or night out!

Describing my style is probably the most confusing thing in the world. I was born and raised on Long Island which is nestled right next to New York City. With that being said, I was often around a very preppy-chic style. When I moved to Florida, I realized how different the two worlds were! I began wearing sun dresses, bathing suits became a second skin and fun colored sandals. Although I like to say I am a polished dresser with my obsession of Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren and Lily Pulitzer, I often love finding light and airy clothing that is common to the Florida lifestyle. I like to say I have the “best of both worlds” in style and am able to rock both chic and boho styles. Although I wish I had a set style, I think exploring different brands and pieces is something every young gal should do…we are only young once!

I am so excited and blessed to be a Style Guru for Georgia Southern University and can’t wait to see the styles that are thriving on the campus. I think the most valued thing I’ve learned in college is to be yourself and do whatever you feel is right. I think fashion falls along those lines and seeing the beauty of different styles coming together on one campus is pretty cool.