Hi, I’m Asia, a complete ball of sunshine and rainbows wrapped perfectly in a bow of exuberant energy! I am a senior at the University of Baltimore and I am studying public relations.

I obsess over all things art and music; without it, my days wouldn’t be complete. I am the biggest advocate for self-expression, hence my dreams of practicing entertainment PR/branding. I want the world to be able to see what I see in the people I work with. Being the oldest of three, I suppose it’s just the big sister in me. Like the great Beyoncé Knowles said, “if you got it flaunt it”, so let the whole world know.

Music has had the largest impact on my life, every significant moment in time can be tied back to one song or one album. Forrest Hills Drive/J. Cole pre-Baltimore riots, where I roamed the streets with my camera documenting the aftermath. Music will always make its presence known in my world, from the way I dress to the mood that I am in, it is quite electric if you ask me.

My hair is my crown and my most favorite accessory to date, no hair day is ever the same, no style will ever go unattempted. I do more research on how to take care of it then I would do for just about anything else. What can I say, I might be just a tad bit obsessed with the coils on my head reaching for the sky.

I hope you enjoy my crazy hair and street style while I try to figure out where I fit in (or stand out) in this fashion world.

Most importantly, always remember, “to thine self be true.”