STYLE GURU BIO: Ashly Wilkins

Ciao, Fashionistas! It is a pleasure to be able to write for CollegeFashionista this fall and I hope that my articles bring as much joy to you as they do for me to write them. My name is Ashly Wilkins and I am a junior at Manhattan College in New York. I am currently working towards my Communications degree, with a focus in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing. After I graduate Manhattan College, I plan to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology downtown in the city to obtain a degree in Fashion Merchandising.

My personal style is that of its own because more importantly than anything, I believe one should dress for themselves. My clothes reflect who I am on a particular day and they can vary depending on where I am, what I have in front of me or sometimes just how I am feeling.

I always try to exude class in my outfits; dressing with respect for one’s body is important to me and reflects in a lot of my clothing choices. I also absolutely love neutrals and currently I am working on collecting things not in the color black, white or beige. It’s difficult, I know. I have become much more open minded when it comes to fabric texture or pattern, shape and even size. Layering and piecing together articles I usually never would has worked out wonderfully for me. When you become a bit more adventurous with your fashion taste, you would be surprised to discover what styles actually appeal to you!

My clothes are much more than fabric to me. Each individual piece, whether it is a blouse or simple suede flat, represents me in its own way. Therefore, I take pride in the pieces that I add to my collection over time. I love to read books and watch documentaries about great designers to learn more about the fashion industry. I find inspiration in anything from magazines to great masterpieces at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. When I keep my eyes and mind open, I find there is magic in things I might have passed by.

This outfit is inspired by the sweet sense of romance that summer nights seem to bring about. For me, I would wear this strolling through Central Park followed by dinner and drinks with some friends or a special someone. I stay comfortable and classy with heels in a neutral, of course. A silk slip layered with a lightweight knit sweater would keep me snug when the wind blows come nightfall. I add a pop of color with these sweet sunglasses and later, I can tuck them into a vintage handbag borrowed from a friend. Simple jewelry always does the trick and helps keep an outfit looking elegant.