STYLE GURU BIO: Ashley Porter

It is great to be back on the CollegeFashionista team. My name is Ashley Porter, and this is my second term with CollegeFashionista. There have definitely been some things that have changed over the course of me being with CollegeFashionista. Instead of graduating this June, I’ll be attending The Art Institute of St. Louis for one more quarter and will finish in the fall. I am really excited to get another chance with these amazing girls.

So, what are some of the new things that have been happening in the past months? First, in my Portfolio class—I think most schools have something similar to this—I got the chance to finally start my own personal blog as a part of my project. When presenting the proposal to the class, everyone loved it. Currently, it’s in progress. There are some things I need to add and change. Nonetheless, I am really excited to officially launch in the future.

I’ve been interested in blogging for years thanks to the wonderful creation and inspiration of YouTube. I would watch video after video everyday, no matter the actual content. In the most recent years of realizing how much I love fashion, I began to narrow down what videos to watch and what YouTubers to follow based on their content. If they included beauty and fashion, I subscribed. There are some YouTubers that I just follow for pure entertainment. However, the ones who are Fashionistas/os or makeup gurus, I follow to learn tips and tricks.

Once I am finished with school, I plan to take blogging and YouTube seriously, while pursuing a career in makeup and styling. My ending career goal will be a wardrobe stylist and makeup artist—a one stop shop for people who want to look and feel good clothing and beauty-wise.