STYLE GURU BIO: Ashley Goldstein

Hey fellow Fashionistas! My name is Ashley. I’m 19 years old and come the fall, I will be a sophomore at Indiana University. I’m majoring in Apparel Merchandising with a minor in Business. Since it’s summer and I’m not on campus, my posts will be coming from my home state of New York. Some things I love besides fashion include cheerleading, cats, friends and Netflix!

A lot of my friends would describe me as being a pretty lazy person; that is why my favorite summer trend is rompers (summer dresses, matching shorts and tops, etc.). They are super easy to just throw on while looking cute at the same time. The great thing about these items are that they can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on what you are wearing it for. Mostly my favorite color to wear is black, but for the summer I try to involve more colors because it is not the brightest color. However it’s simple, goes with anything and is easy to accessorize with.

For shoes, I would have to say my new favorite things are gladiator sandals. I think they’re really “in” right now and make any outfit look a little trendier. Since I am a lover of wearing heels/wedges to appear taller, I really love floral print heels for the summer season.

I am so excited to be a Style Guru for the summer! There’s nothing more I love than spotting a great outfit or trend idea, and now I will be able to share it with everyone! Stay tuned for more and have a fashion filled summer!