STYLE GURU BIO: Ashley Geese

January 5th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hi, Fashionistas/os! I’m Ashley Geese, and I am extremely excited to be a Style Guru for at Saint Vincent College. This will be my first semester as a Style Guru, and I can honestly say that I cannot wait to showcase all of the different trends that Saint Vincent College has around campus. In my opinion, spring semester is the best time for fashion because you’ll see everything from cold weather coats in the earlier months to shorts and tank tops in April and May. This semester is going to be filled with fashion for almost every season.

When it comes to my personal style, I tend to think that I am more of a casual, comfy yet chic kind of girl. I rarely like dressing up in high heels and tight skirts. I am a firm believer that any outfit can be styled well and can fit with the trends if you express your individuality and add some accessories. My go-to items are: jogger pants and oversized sweaters. Then, I match those items with a simple V-neck tank top, and I’m almost ready to go. Yes, this screams casual, but once paired with ballet flats and a statement necklace, it shouts chic. To add more shine to my outfit, I chose my gold bracelet that matches almost anything that I have. To bring this outfit together, I carried my studded faux leather cross-body bag from Express. If my outfit wasn’t chic enough before, it is after the cross-body bag was added.

With all of that being said, you can probably tell that this fashion sense of mine has been built from living around the city. I live in a suburb of Pittsburgh and have my knowledge of style from both the city and my suburb. Even though I have a city-minded sense of style, I learn more and more everyday by attending Saint Vincent College, located in the more rural area of Pennsylvania. This semester, I hope to broaden my knowledge of fashion after taking a trip abroad to Paris, France during my spring break.

There you have it, Fashionistas/os. I hope you have learned a little bit about my style, and I look forward to posting about my fellow Bearcats’ styles on campus. Remember to always be yourself when picking out your outfits. Every outfit can be styled and tailored to fit your personal needs, so always think about what you can do to set yourself apart from the crowd.