Hey lovies! My name is Asher, I know the spelling is a bit misleading but it’s actually pronounced (Ah-sha); you can imagine how every first day of school went. I’m originally from New York, but I’m currently entering my senior year as a Seminole at Florida State University.

Growing up in New York, it’s hard not to be a Fashionista. That also made it hard for me to stick to one specific style, because clothes and fashion are a form of expression and NYC is full of diversity; I just love so many different looks. On Monday I can be bohemian chic, on Tuesday I can dress like an extra on Clueless. The possibilities are truly endless and I think that’s the most fun thing about fashion.

As far as prior experience in the fashion world, I’ve previously interned at Giorgio Armani and a boutique fashion public relations company by the name of Pervis Ross PR. Both of my previous internships confirmed for me that my love for all things fashion far exceeded the flutter of excitement that we feel when we see a “sale” sign in the window of our favorite store; I knew this was something I’d like to make a career out of.

When I’m not online shopping entirely too much for the average college student, I love to write. Writing is another major form of expression, and combining my love for writing with my love for fashion is what brought me to my first semester here at CollegeFashionista.

I’m so excited for you guys to get to know me through my articles and photography and I can’t wait for you all to embark on this journey with me!