STYLE GURU BIO: Arielle Sabot

Hey y’all my name is Arielle, Ari for short, and I’m a new Style Guru! I’m so excited to be bringing you the trends of the season from New York University. I’m originally from Massachusetts, but I’ve made my way to the big city to study sustainable fashion.

I am very interested in all things fashion especially when it benefits our environment and economy. I’m always searching for brands that donate proceeds to charities, use recycled materials, and work to better our world.

I’m a sucker for hand-me-downs, thrift stores, and stealing clothes from my mother’s closet. My style is usually a mixture of black items with a quirky twist. I only buy clothing made in cruelty-free factories, no sweatshops. I also steer clear of mass produced clothing. I like to put my money towards good causes; fashion and the environment. Get excited to learn about my favorite environmentally friendly brands and why you should choose to shop smart!

When it comes to personal style, I always make sure whatever I wear is comfy. Why wear it if you can’t move and groove? I love experimenting with my outfits by layering pieces of clothing, mixing patterns, and pairing statement pieces. I can’t describe my style in one definitive word, so here are three phrases to sum me up; ’80s revival, classically black, and New York quirk.

My look here is one of my classic go-to outfits. I paired a simple grey, cable-knit sweater with my favorite American Apparel plaid skirt. My jacket, a secondhand store find, is the perfect piece to bring some edginess into the look. Paired with suede, black boots, some dangly earrings, and a textured necklace and voila! A great outfit that can go day to night.