STYLE GURU BIO: Archana Padmavati

Hey all you stylish people! I’m Archana, a junior political science major with a double minor in history and film/media production at Arizona State University.

For me, fashion is such an incredible source of confidence, self-empowerment and expression. I first got into fashion at a really young age by spending hours styling my dolls and playing dress-up games online. My interest grew even further by simply seeing all of the different styles and aesthetics on TV, in magazines and in real life, imagining outfits for book characters while reading and even picturing what I would wear in a multitude of random scenarios. This all shaped my own sense of style to a huge extent and continues to give me the inspiration to create looks for myself. As of now, my greatest style inspiration comes from a mixture of the rock ‘n’ roll glamour displayed by icons like David Bowie and Mick Jagger, the effortless, London-chic style exemplified by Kate Moss and the loudness, vibrancy and attitude of the Spice Girls.

As I said earlier, fashion is power. That feeling of being able to control what you wear and to show a story to the world through your outfit is next to none. There is also no denying the fact that fashion can be used as a very effective tool to make a political statement. I am very interested in seeing how fashion has shaped movements and youth culture throughout history and hope to show a little bit about how it continues to do so.

For this outfit, I took a more fun approach and played with a mixture of prints and colors. While prints and bright colors can be intimidating, they are really easy to work with if done in a simple cut with light fabrics. The use of print is actually a super simple way to add artistic interest to any look. Shift dresses are an example of the type of laid back piece that work on every body type, and can be translated into a very fashionable look. To make any outfit more casual and comfortable, a good pair of adidas Superstars never goes out of style, and they can be made even cuter with accessories like these frilled socks from Topshop.

I am very excited to share some killer fashion and inspiration with you all. And remember, if you like it and feel good in it, it will shine out of you and you will look good!