August 29th, 2016 at 2:00am

So another year passes, and a new semester starts. So much has happened since I was a Style Guru last fall of 2015. I (somehow) tackled my first year of college, which was no easy task, combined my major and declared a minor, met amazing friends, chopped off half my hair and finally had the opportunity to live in a city I’ve dreamt about being in since I was a little girl: Paris. In Paris, I had the pleasure of studying fashion, thus completing half my minor before I even start my third semester of college.

My style hasn’t really changed much since my last Style Guru bio, but I definitely think it has matured in terms of taste in clothing. I’m finally starting to discover that brands actually do carry pants with a 26” or less inseam (thank god), but I’m still gravitating towards a classy and chic New York street style. I’m always looking for an excuse to wear a pair of heels, but seeing as how I go to school in Boston and the ground is nearly all cobblestone, it’s a little difficult to manage. Still, my shoe collection is ever-growing, and I can’t seem to convince myself that it’s a problem. (I have it under control. It’ll be okay.)
In this post, I’m wearing a white, front-tie crop top from Forever 21, ASOS petite high-waisted denim pants, a small cross body that I bought in Greece and my very special, close-to-my-heart, Ann Tuil sandals that I discovered while in Paris this summer.
That’s all for now! I hope you’ll continue with me on my journey of uncovering unique street style.