STYLE GURU BIO: Annie Chiles

January 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

I’ll be honest, I like the color black. A lot. If you know me personally, it is not a surprise to see me in an all black outfit (regularly). I most likely get it from my mother who is “worse” than me when it comes to adding color into her wardrobe. Or because I’m from Seattle and style wise we wear black and darks. It could also be attributed to my New York style mentality; I spend about four months out of the year there (eventually their way of life rubs off).

Fairly recently, I’ve attempted to include some more color into my wardrobe. I’ve gone down the more neutral route. Maroons, beiges, greens, pale pinks, navy blues, creams, whites, grays and blacks (yes there are different shades of black).

Neutrals usually are very flattering on all. They are also a basic necessity to everyone’s wardrobe. You can dress them up or down and the very nature of them allows them to go with many other colors. If you are not a neutralist, try them out and if you are like me and stick to one color, give them a go also. You never know, you may love them!

Let’s begin with the staple necklace. Everyone knows Tiffany & Co.. Whether you’ve seen Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the constant references in Gossip Girl and/or you yourself live by the company, you know them. This necklace was a gift, so it is all the more special to me. This necklace goes with just about anything and everything. Every one woman should a simply sliver necklace like this. It doesn’t have to be Tiffany & Co., but they are nice!

Another key staple is a pair of comfortable heels. I like to think of myself as a practical person. Thus, I don’t usually wear heels to class. However, these Enzo Angiolini heels are so comfortable and stylish because of the stacked heel, that I do wear them to class. They are well made and are timeless. These are by far my favorite heels!

Not everyone takes fashion seriously and they shouldn’t have to. Nonetheless, fashion and style influences everyone; whether you like to think it does or not. I sort of took that scene in The Devil Wears Prada to heart when Meryl Streep’s character says to Anne Hathaway’s character that because she doesn’t care about fashion and thinks it has nothing to do with her she chooses to not participate in it. Yet, Meryl Streep’s character notes that the color of her sweater was shown in several Haute Couture fashion shows and it then trickled down to the public. What I gather from this is that when you go into your closet in the morning and pick out clothes to wear,  you are making a conscious choice to pair those pants with that shirt. Maybe you don’t even know why and don’t really care, but everyone has a style and fashion reaches all of us to a certain degree.