STYLE GURU BIO: Annie Caminiti

May 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

I’m Annie, a junior at Mercyhurst University studying Fashion Merchandising. I’m doing this funky little program where I spend three years here and one year at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where I have already studied for a semester. I love Mercyhurst and all the incredible people that I have gotten to know, but I can’t wait to be back in my beloved New York City.

I grew up with three older sisters on Long Island, which meant plenty of hand-me-downs from all of them. I can attribute my diverse closet and eclectic taste to my sisters. Their styles differ drastically, so when combined, the outcome is a style crowded with contradictions-and I love contradictions.

The necessary factor about having, desiring and acquiring uncommon pieces of clothing is having the relentless confidence to rock them. Sometimes I find something so ugly that I just have to have it. Ugly on a hanger could mean innovative with an outfit. It’s a wild task to integrate an outdated and unattractive piece into your wardrobe, but it’s rewarding and boosts your confidence when you accomplish that task. Looking in the mirror and feeling good in that 2003 extra large men’s cardigan is a satisfying moment.

Trends don’t captivate me as much as breaking the rules of fashion do. When someone is wearing something so incredibly wrong but making it look so right, I admire them and their ostentatious appeal. I wear polka-dot skirts with beaded space sweaters. White should be worn any day after Labor Day. Black and navy can match. You don’t always need a bra. Following rules is obsolete within fashion.

I can’t wait to be a part of this community that requires the intent to be different, the creative mind to build and the expression that college Fashionistas/os contain. Check out my posts on Wednesdays to get your weekly dose of unconventional fashion.