STYLE GURU BIO: Annalise Crescenzo

Hi Fashionistas/os! I’m thrilled to be returning to the CollegeFashionista team for a fourth semester! My name is Annalise Crescenzo, and I am currently a senior at the SUNY Oswego. I‘m a marketing major who loves fashion, food and selfies. Three fun facts about me: I’ve watched the movie Clueless more times than I’d like to admit, a venti peach green tea lemonade from Starbucks saves my life every morning and I always like to have a fresh mani.

Look good, feel good—that’s always been my motto. It is truly underrated how pairing the right clothes together can make a person feel unstoppable, and if someone compliments you on your outfit, it’s like pure ecstasy. I treat everywhere I go like the runway. Even if I’m just running to the grocery store on a Sunday, you’ll find me in head-to-toe glam.

I draw inspiration for my style mainly from posts I see on Instagram. Therefore, my style varies day to day. Bloggers Marianna Hewitt and Date Night Outfit have been my style muses lately as well as celebrities such as Rihanna. My current obsession is jackets. Bomber jackets and sheer trench coats have been taking over my wardrobe. Both of these jackets make getting dressed a breeze; I can pair them with any tee and distressed shorts and be out the door.

I’m excited to be able to combine my love for fashion and my interest in photography to showcase the many styles seen around SUNY Oswego’s campus. Follow me and check my page the first of every month for inspiration from my favorite looks. Let’s make this summer full of bold, risk-taking and daring fashion!