STYLE GURU BIO: Annabelle Johnson

Hello world! My name is Annabelle Johnson and I am currently a freshman at Auburn University majoring in apparel merchandising. I am so incredibly excited to be a Style Guru for next semester and can’t wait to share my style secrets with y’all!

For as long as I can remember fashion and clothing has been a focal point in my life. I am a notorious over packer (you always need one of everything, duh), I am always the last one to be ready when going out (just ask my boyfriend how he feels about that) and I would rather spend my money on clothes instead of textbooks (sorry Mom and Dad).

In my free time I love catching up on the latest fashion trends whether it’s in magazines, on Pinterest, blogs or even people watching around town (I’m not creepy, I swear). I love pulling little bits of style from different looks and people to create my own fashion. If I had to describe my style, I wouldn’t be able to clearly put into words what it is because honestly, I’m a little lost on it some days, too. A little word to the people…it is totally acceptable to not know your own style yet! I would say I’m a mixer. I have a little mix of styles in my wardrobe anywhere from bright funky boho prints, to dark grunge-like neutrals. Be who you want to be, wear what you want to wear and don’t be afraid to try something new every once in a while! Switch it up, add a new color to your closet, buy a pair of shoes that you normally wouldn’t. Don’t feel like you are labeled as a certain style and have to stick to it. Enjoy your unique stylish life!

This look is a personal favorite. I am a huge fan of layering to continue the look no matter the weather. I chose this Billabong tank top which is from PacSun, but unfortunately, I am a clothes hoarder and it is no longer available, but on the bright side PacSun is great with graphic tanks so here is a similar tank top. I paired it with this awesome skort that I wear way too much. I may or may not have bought it in multiple colors, and they give discounts for college students!! Over my tank top, I threw on this sweater with slits on the side (which is now on sale!). Last but not least, my shoes are an all time favorite (stolen from my mom’s closet). If you ask my friends they would say I need a new pair of shoes because they are sick of seeing me wear these. Unfortunately, they are a few seasons old and have been updated. Dolce Vita has revamped their fringe booties, so here are the new version of this seasons fringe booties.

I can’t wait to share more posts this semester! Remember to #RAD each article that you love!