STYLE GURU BIO: Annabel Stanley

May 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

My name is Annabel Stanley, and I am a rising sophomore planning to major in Psychology at Trinity College. I am also on Trinity’s women’s soccer team. I live in New York just north of the Big Apple; I am surrounded by fashion! I grew up watching America’s Next Top Model and dreamed of becoming a model. I used the hallways of my house as runways and would strut my way to my room, bathroom and kitchen. Although my dream to model has faded slightly, I have participated in photo shoots and runway shows. I have acquired different style tips and fashion ideas along the way, leaving my style as more eclectic than one that fits under a singular fashion label.

I enjoy pairing edgy accessories with softer clothing or bright colors with leather. I can be preppy one day and boho the next; it all depends on my mood. The only part that never changes is my makeup. I put on my makeup to look like I am not wearing makeup. I use neutral tones, soft browns and let my blue eyes and light pink lips shine their natural essence. In my STYLE GURU BIO photos, I sport a plain white tank top tucked into a lace high low skirt with a jean jacket that pulls the pieces together. The nude sandals let the outfit stand on its own, and I accessorize with Alex and Ani bracelets. This is my weekend outfit, perfect for the day and can be transitioned for a casual nighttime event.

My style molds to my surrounding. At Trinity College, there is a preppy vibe, hence my first purchase of Vineyard Vines apparel last summer. In my hometown, there is a mix between boho-chic and boho grunge. When I go into the city, since everyone has their own style, I enjoy pulling preppy, boho, grunge, edgy and others vibes all together. I have so much fun curating outfits!

My future articles for CollegeFashionista will focus on crossing boundaries between labels. Rules were meant to be broken, and the best way to do so is combining patterns, textures and styles!