STYLE GURU BIO: Anna Trenkamp

Hello Fashionistas! I am so happy that I have been asked to come back for another semester with CollegeFashionista! It is my final semester of undergrad at the University of Kentucky, and the amount of emotions I am feeling is indescribable. Like many other college students, everyone keeps asking what I am going to do once I graduate and like many other college students, I have no idea. All I have ever been passionate about is fashion and learning about the culture that is created around the fashion industry.

As my college days come to a close, I realize that I am becoming more expressive through my clothing. I am also more observant of what people around me are wearing and the impact that a simple clothing decision can have on my day or image. The greatest thing about fashion is I can be whoever I want whenever I want. I have realized that as people get older they start wearing one style of clothing, that is why I make an effort to branch out and try new fashion trends.

The outfit I am wearing is a tribute to my teenage years, when spunk was the only style I tried out and black was the only color I wore. My shirt has an urban style with a longer body, and two slits that come up high by my waste on either side. The pants are classic blue high-wasted, Levi Brand Jeans. As far as my accessories go, I have on a pair of lace-up black booties, three simple black beaded bracelets and a black Michael Kors watch.