January 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hi there fellow fashion lovers! My name is Anna Tedder and I am so thrilled to have been given the opportunity to join CollegeFashionista as a first time Style Guru. I am currently a junior at Kansas State University, majoring in Apparel Marketing and minoring in French. I love everything from headbands to heels! So, yes, I’m quite literally obsessed with fashion from head to toe!

I’ve come to the realization that I have two different styles. I have a daytime style and a nighttime style. During the day for this fall/winter season, I have lived in leggings and boots and easy, flowing tops. I am typically drawn to dark colors for the most part and the occasional red. I like scarfs and ear warmers to keep me warm, but also to accessorize. I am always moving during the day and always busy so I like to be comfortable, but remain stylish, just because it makes me feel better. At night, I love black. I love skinny jeans and booties and black. And you can almost always find me decked out in gold jewelry. DidI mention I love black? I typically wear outfits that look high fashion but don’t cost what high fashion costs, because I like to look like I have a very clean cut, cutting edge style.

Personally, I believe having a style and sticking to it is something special. Personal style is something that each and every one of us gets to decide for ourselves. There are not many things for us in life that are completely at our discretion. Style is something that we can use to express ourselves. Our personal style is something that we should all embrace. I am extremely excited to be able to explore other people’s personal styles! I find that each day I dress in something that truly expresses who I am, I am just a little bit more me!

To wrap it all up, I’m really just trying to share how excited I am for this opportunity and how much I love fashion! I can’t wait to explore other people’s style and maybe show you a bit of my own in hopes of you becoming inspired or maybe even find your own!