Hey stylish people! What’s that, you say? You also have a dependence upon dark roast coffee, the color black and anything produced by COS stores? Sounds like we’re going to get along just fine, then. I’m currently finishing up my third year here at UCLA as an Italian Studies-Art History major. More often than reading Dante and analyzing Manet, you can usually catch me wandering around my campus chronicling the oh-so-eclectic style that Bruins are known for.

When asked to describe how I dress and what influences my sartorial decisions, I’m often taken aback, despite having written for CollegeFashionista for six semesters now. I attribute my indecision to my constantly evolving take on fashion and the very non-static nature of the industry itself. In a world where we’re flooded by an endless stream of status updates and new posts, and one where trends fly by us at the speed of light, it can feel exhausting to keep up with it all. Which is why I’ve been pulling a lot of inspiration lately from bloggers like Courtney Trop of Always Judging and French street style star Jeanne Damas. To me, these ladies understand the meaning of building a consistent personal style, something I’m always striving for.

As for my personal style? Well, I’m pretty much a walking contradiction. On the one hand, I long for the effortlessness of an all-black “couldn’t care less” type of attitude. A leather jacket has become somewhat of a second skin. But then again, I pride myself on my quite impressive collection of funky pants and trousers—these denim culottes are my newest addition. And I’m inevitably a sucker for certain trends like these lace-up ballet flats that up the cool factor just a tad.

This summer I’ll be interning and living in New York and I hope to chronicle every type of NYC Fashionista/o from Mid-town’s 9-to-5-er’s to Brooklyn’s art kids. Manhattan breeds every walk of life imaginable and, thus, every type of style. Keep a lookout for my posts throughout the summer featuring East Coast style through a West Coast lens.