STYLE GURU BIO: Anita Kalafati

Hi Fashionistas/os! My name is Anita Kalafati. l am a third year Fashion Buying student at Manchester Metropolitan University. This bio marks the beginning of my third and final semester as a CollegeFashionista intern. l’m thrilled to be back for another route but also sad as my journey as a CollegeFashionista intern comes to an end.

CollegeFashionista over the last year has taught me a lot, as l had the privilege to enhance my writing and photography skills. Each semester is never the same, each time you gain more skills and excitement.

Throughout my time here, l began to explore who l am in fashion and really understand my own sense of style. l would always dress up for college but before l never really had one statement of style; l only recently discovered my minimalist style and l have never been happier. As you will expect, you will find me in a different T-shirt every day as they are my favorite at the moment, with either a skirt or jeans and a different pair of shoes (women can never have too many shoes). When it comes to accessories l am keeping it minimal, so just a casual clutch is my ultimate go-to accessory.

I plan to give my fellow college students the spotlight they deserve by showing their sense of style though my creativity in writing and photography. Summer is here, the season when life is at it’s best, so the style l will be capturing across my campus will be more charming than ever. Be sure to check back every month to see my posts. l promise you won’t be disappointed.