STYLE GURU BIO: Anisha Godhwani

Hey there! I am currently studying in my first year as an undergraduate student at London College of Fashion. I am stoked to write for CollegeFashionista and show you the diversity of the style of people in the United Kingdom.

I will honestly admit that studying fashion is something I never dreamt of in my life. While I was a kid, I would apply my mother’s make up and wear her heels just to walk around the house in them. This is something I believe every girl does and has no indication of her inclination towards a career in fashion. However, when I was made to study fashion design in high school for two years it didn’t sit very well with me. I was initially devastated. The subject eventually grew on me and my interest in it sparked. At this point, I knew I would be the happiest studying fashion.

I am studying fashion management, as I want to explore different fields in the industry. In the future I see myself as a fashion buyer. Considering you will be reading my posts, I’d like to share some quick facts about me. I mostly wear black and hate it when two blacks don’t match each other. Being in London, I try wearing some color now and then to break the monotony. You can give me anything sweet to eat and you can expect me to ask you for more. I might come across a bit too strongly when I try to express myself in words so I sincerely hope you forgive me for that. I have a fashion and personal style blog as well, where I mostly write about subjects that are touched upon by very few.

I believe I am more experimental in my style at the moment. I adore elegant and classic outfits but at the same time I crave for something more edgy and unique. In the pictures above, I’ve paired a white pussy-bow blouse from Zara with black high-waisted jeans from Topshop. I picked up this pair of heels from Millie’s in Shanghai and absolutely love how distinct and eye-catching they are. These bracelets from River Island are always adorn  on my wrist and the sunglasses are from Burberry.

I look forward to sharing my ideas on fashion with you and hope you love them!