May 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello all! Anira Jones here, and I am pumped to be a CollegeFashionista Style Guru for the summer semester! A soon to be senior year at Villanova University majoring in Communication and Economics, I am ready to break into the fashion industry after graduation. As a first time Guru, it excites me to have the ability to share my thoughts, ideas and aesthetics in fashion as well as get inspiration from others.

As a Philadelphia native, I see a variety of styles as I walk through the city. There could be a preppy ensemble, a boho-chic getup and a relaxed casual outfit all on the same street. Fashion is all over the place. Studying abroad in Greece for the first half of summer will give great insight to styles that differ from what I see at home. This new perspective will open my eyes to trendy Greek street style as well as fashion choices made by tourists.

With a keen eye for style, I am striving for a stylist position in the fashion world. Whether it is in stores, online, in print or at fashion shows, I want to show my personal aesthetics. I am obsessed with the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show; this is my Super Bowl! Every year, I tune in and am in awe of the designs the creative team has crafted. One day, I aspire to be a part of the genius behind the construction of the themes and designs of the garments for the show.

As a wardrobe technician for Villanova University’s Theater Department, I have hands on experience sewing, altering and cleaning garments for productions. Last spring, I designed for a local fashion show. It was a lot of long hours, but I had a blast! My love for making clothes transferred into a love of styling them. I enjoy working with fun cool pieces that come together and create an attention-grabbing outfit.

Being a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista this semester will develop my fashion prowess with the ability to scope out the newest and hottest trends. I look forward to seeing and reporting on all of those summer time fine styles!