STYLE GURU BIO: Angelina Sommer

May 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hey fellow Fashionistas! My name is Angelina Sommer and I am a sophomore at Pace University in New York City. For as long as I can remember, fashion has been my religion and Vogue has been my bible. I am currently studying Communications and learning all I can to hopefully make it in the fashion journalism world. I have always believed that the clothes you choose to wear can speak volumes for a person, and I love that CollegeFashionista provides a platform for the youth to show our unique perspective on something as universal as clothing.

As for my own style, I use the people around me as my muses. Living in one of the greatest cities in the world, I have had the incredible advantage of getting a glimpse at clothing from all around the world. Never seeing the same outfit twice has acted as a constant inspiration to add interesting pieces to my own wardrobe, and also has given me a greater appreciation for street style coming from different cultures. I firmly believe that its not who you wear, it’s how you wear it. A high-fashion look can just as easily be found on the racks of a Salvation Army as it can be on the racks at Barneys. That being said, there is nothing I love more than admiring the genius of some of my favorite high end designers like Vita Kin or Dolce&Gabbana .

At the end of this summer and as my internship comes to a close I hope I will have inspired people to look at different places for their fashion icons. It doesn’t have to be the models on the pages of NYLON magazine, it can be found from your best friends or the strangers on the street. I hope to further expand my understanding of street styles from across the nation and keep up with the trends that my fellow Style Gurus have been so lucky to notice before me. I can’t wait to see what this summer has in store and I hope my posts influences people to recognize the everyday fashionistas that are all around them!