STYLE GURU BIO: Andrea Quintanilla

Hey there! Welcome to my house! My name is Andrea Quintanilla and I’m a senior international business major and fashion design minor at Miami University! I’m so excited you’re reading my bio (and hopefully my articles too) as you can see by all the exclamation marks I’ve already used!!! I’m very passionate about traveling too so I decided to spend fall semester studying fashion business in Paris and part of the summer backpacking (and trying to stay alive) in Europe and Morocco! It was the greatest experiences ever—a 10 out of 10 and I would recommend it to anybody! What else would I recommend you’re wondering? BUBBLES. In all forms, shapes and sizes. On all occasions and at any given time. Always. No questions asked. Not at all fashion related but nonetheless the greatest little things on planet Earth.

Anyways, back to myself, I’m a tiny person trying to become a professional human being even though it’s kinda hard when your feet don’t always reach the ground if you’re sitting down. #Shortpeopleproblems. I also smile a lot for no reason and at the most random things you could think of! (Like bubbles). I cannot stop smiling and laughing when I’m walking anywhere! Yes, you can imagine people stare at time, but what can I do.

In these pictures I’m wearing my newest favorite jumpsuit, my aviators (did I tell you a camel stepped on them this summer?), and the cutest backpack I got when in Florence! I’ve been obsessing with it for the last couple of weeks!

Keep on smiling! You look great today!