STYLE GURU BIO: Andrea Quintanilla

Hello! This is Andrea again! Back at it with a second Style Guru Bio! I’m a senior International Business major and trying to get a double major in Fashion Corporate Business, I am the outmost excited about this last addition to my college career and cannot wait to see where it gets me!

Since last time I have been working and I’m about to start school next week so not looking forward to those early mornings when I have to be in class by 10:00 a.m. (and yes, that’s early for me). I like to keep my college attires pretty casual, simple and more than anything as comfy as they can get! Usually after class I gotta run some errands or meet up with friends or professors so I like looking like I made an effort for those meet-ups! Which is the biggest reason why I love these leathery looking slip-ons! They are the comfiest thing ever and so easy to put on when you’re rushing to get to class on time! Which is exactly why I love T-shirt dresses as well! What an awesome way to look put together without really
making a big effort in the morning! With summer still around, it’s also a great way not to sweat your way to class!

If your day is feeling a little extra hot, you can also trade the slip-ons for some sandals and you’re ready to go just as quickly! Throw some shades on and you’re ready for anything and everything!