STYLE GURU BIO: Andrea Morales

January 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

I would describe myself as a positive girl who loves hanging out with friends, cheesy jokes and all the other small things in life. Most importantly, I would say I’m a creative person. All my life I have loved to create things. When I was a young girl, I made my own Barbie clothes and I was obsessed with styling their outfits. I knew from a very young age that fashion was something I loved. In fourth grade, I won a class competition for having the best essay. My prize was a journal. That journal helped me discover how much I enjoy writing. The idea of creating something out of nothing is so amazing to me. I love making something that others can see and enjoy.

I take a lot of inspiration from everything around me: my friends, old movies, nature and even Disney. I love watching old Audrey Hepburn movies late at night and trying to recreate her classic outfits. I have quite the passion for Disney. I love the lesson behind all of Disney’s films, which is to always believe in yourself and to follow your dreams. Disney movies motivate me to follow my dream of working for a fashion magazine. Fashion and writing are two things I hope to pursue for the rest of my life. The outfit I’m wearing is a simple look for a cold day here in LA. My Forever 21 black platform boots give the look some edge. I wore them with my favorite pair high-waisted jeans and a dark red coat.

I’m looking forward to writing articles here on CollegeFashionista. I’m sure it will be an exciting journey.